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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lives. >> it is a sad day. the long road home for tai shan. the popular pandit ships out in just hours. "good morning washington" continues right now. -- the popular panda ships out. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm julie parker. >> and i am alison starling. thank you for joining us. we do have a few school delay is to pass along this morning. so, brian, we have to check
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in on the latest of the storm. >> people are talking about this because it does look like a doozy. its a major storm. it could rival that one we had on december 19. we will have sunshine this afternoon. it will be aretty nice day. do your perhaps ahead of the storm. look at the big picture. it is gaining strength and moving eastward. it will be approaching us by tomorrow. it is chilly, 30's. not too extreme. we will call for a loss of sunshine and low 40's. not a bad-looking day. the storm watch goes into effect tomorrow morning and last through saturday night. let's talk to lisa baden. >> eastbound 66, there was a stalled car prior to the beltway but it is gone. they have turned the green arrow on. everything is open for you on
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270. notice the pace of traffic at falls road moving nicely. metro rail is reporting everything is on time and on normal service. >> thank you. our next round of snow is a day away, but virginia is under a state of emergency. >> people around the metro area are getting ready for what could be a long and difficult weekend. pamela brown is live in merrifield to show us how people are getting ready for this. >> word of this big storm is spreading. everyone is gearing up. crews have not caught a break since december. they will be loading up on the salt and heading out to treat the roads ahead of tomorrow's roads. people are trying to prepare for this big storm. they are coming up empty. residents all over the area are scmbling to local stores
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hoping to load up on scrapers, and shovels, and ice melt. >> we are out of scrapers. >> many hardware stores are coming up short and customers are feeling snow-50. >> i am done with snow. >> finding sleds is proving to be nearly impossible. >> we found an inflatable tubing misled. " all of this snow is max cnet snow-removal budgets. just like you are preparing, they are doing their best to prepare, too. they are asking residents to be patient. it takes us a little bit longer to get into the ring iresidentis if it is a heavier snow. >> the key is patience. this is a live look at the sand.
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you'll see the salt trucks heading out shortly to treat the roads ahead of the storm this week. transportation officials say to try to stay off the roads so the crews can do their jobs. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it should get pretty interesting out there. the contract the latest weather conditions at any time by logging onto >> have a we had enough? tai shan's long road home. you could barely escaped the pandemonium around the district. the national zoo is now saying goodbye to its biggest moneymaker. stephen tschida it is live with more at the zoo. >> a sad day here at the national zoo. crews are gearing up for the goodbye to tai shan. the little guy who grew from pint size panda to robust bear a
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captured washington's heart belongs the white is saying goodbye. >> i go home after work and turn on the panda cam to see what he is up to. >> the crowds came for a final visit. he never really belonged to the national zoo. the chinese always retain the rights. >> people are very emotionally attached to him. >> now tai shan will be packed up and loaded into a crate and will head to his ancestral home via jet, to hopefully have a long healthy life and to add to the pandit gene pool and procreate. you -- and add to the panda gene pool and procreate. that is the crate that will carry tai shan. it will be put onto a truck and driven off to dulles airport for
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the long flight back to china. i talked with some of the handlers at the national zoo who have dealt with tai shan. whenever i ask them what this day is like, but you could see the tears in their eyes. it's a sad day for folks across the metro area. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> you can fit a lot of b amboo trip. >> he will have company on the trip. mei lan from the atlanta suit will join him. his plane is expected to take off after 11:30 a.m. a triple take 14 and a half hours. >> he is flying in style. -- the trip will take 14 and a half hours. brown was expected to take
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the oath next week but asked to take it sooner. his swearing in gives republicans a 41 votes they need to block democratic initiatives. a bill getting americans back to work will be unveiled. it includes incentives for states to ramp up their construction projects. a vote is expected next week. sheila dixon steps down today after a scandal that led to her resignation. she talked about her accomplishments and mayor. she was convicted of embezzling gift cards demand for the needy. she memade no mention of that in her speech yesterday. big cuts are being propod to deal with a big deficit. steven wallace suggested eliminating up to 700 jobs and
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delaying construction and renovation projects. a public hearing will be held monday night at 6:00 p.m. at stonewall jackson high school. 6:08 and 32 degrees. >> shutting down sex partners at a bethesda home. >> a motivational speaker accused of manslaughter. >> it is that big storm everyone is talking about. we will have the latest on the next winter storm. a quick check for you on the latest school delays and closings. you're watching "good morning washington."
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welcome back to "good morning washington. " 30 degrees in falls church. when you think about snow sculptures, you might think about wisconsin, michigan, buffalo. think falls church, virginia. just outside your backyard. we're near the street elementary school in falls church outside the crane household. walter crane does these sculptures. he is an architect by trade. he does these sculptures just for fun. you'd be surprised to hear it only takes 3 inches of snowfall to put something like this together. this is his latest creation, a big grasshopper.
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he harvest the snow from the neighborhood and makes these big creations. it looks like he will have a new creation with the snow fall headed our way this weekend. a lot of sunshine today. snow will start tomorrow by midafternoon. the looks like a foot is likely, possibly higher than that. we will have more refined forecast today by 5:00 p.m. >> we have two problems to report in virginia. the first one is after 66 but before leesburg pike. a stalled car is blocking the right lane. there is an accident on the inner loop after the exit for the dulles toll road. this is blocking the left lane. 95 virginia, a hefty volume of traffic leaving potomac
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mills. in and out of baltimore is a good ride. nothing to report on the baltimore-washington parkway. newschopper 7 is on the way to look for a crash on the beltway at the toll road. this is traffic out of springfield to get over to 66. now to julie and alison. >> thank you. authorities have ordered a stop to what they call sex parties frequently held at a home in bethesda. one man has been renting a home since last summer. month permit county officials say the act is not criminal -- month permit county officials say he is accepted donations that it ultimately violates zoning laws. >> scandalous. 6:13. >> coming up later, some simple steps you can take to cut your risk of cancer dramatically.
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>> it is a big day with big issues for toyota. more problems and more questions about safety. what toyota an
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. here is the latest list of school closings and the latest on this thursday morning. in our top stories, tai
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shan leaves washington today. the panda is said to believe that the national zoo in about three hours and headed to dulles airport. he will be shipped to china. the zoo will opened late today after tai shan leaves. >> authorities want to know if they suicide bomber had inside information. soldiers were travelling in a convoy when the bomber rammed his car into the one that happened to be carrying troops. >> self-help group james ghraib will be in court to face manslaughter charges. -- james ray. three people were left dead in a sweat lodge ceremony. congres is stepping up pressure on toyota. courtney robinson is live with more on this ongoing story.
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what is the latest? >> it is one thing after another for toyota. they should be receiving parts to fix the celebrators that drivers report get stop. toyota has halted production to fixed vehicles. now the prius, one of toyota's greatest comic islamic recall list. drivers are complaining about inadequate breaking. there are issues with the anti- lock braking system. lawmakers will be looking into whether the sticky padedals put the public in harm's way. ray lahood testified that owners should not try of the recalled cars. he corrected that statement saying that owners should bring those automobiles to be fixed. he said his dealership has yet to see one vehicle with the
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issue. they encourage people to get their cars to fix. only about 7% of owners actually do that. -- only about 70% of owners actually do that. >> thank you. 6:18. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. the copper is what is going to happen with this big star -- the talker is what is going to happen with this big storm. >> we have our december storm. we thought we had our storm for the decade. we continue on this path of snowy weather. 29 in brandywine. all in all, not a bad start today. it will be a nice day today. you can see the clear skies across the northeast. you can also see the winter storm watches. it is off the coast of texas and
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you can see moisture into the deep south as far east as georgia. it will be lifting through the carolinas and throw the moisture in our vicinity. it will help pull the cold air. we will see a high-impact storm beginning to march afternoon and running through saturday evening. we're under a watch and it may be upgraded to a warning as early as this evening. here is a g. our best chance is about a foot or more than a foot. there could be more than that, closer to two feet or more. we have a chance for higher amounts and even a chance for more than two feet. our best chance is just over a foot. this will be a whopper of a storm. will get all of the melting snow out of here today. you can e-mail your snow
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measurements to us. try to find a flat spot like maybe aicnic table and brushed it off today so we start with clear ground. tonight we're in the 20's. snow moves in midday tomorrow. low 30's on saturday. monday is looking good. >> of the inner loop of the beltway after 66 before route 7, we have a stalled car. further ahead on the inner loop, you're looking live from newschopper 7 of a crash after the dulles toll road exit before the georgetown pike. three lanes get by to the right. this accident is still blocking the left lane. >> thank you. boeing debuts the 787 dreamliner. thtrue cost of american health care. jeremy hubbard has more. >> we have a bipartisan bill to
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put americans back to work. leaders are expected to unveil a jobs bill that would exempt businesses for paying social security taxes. that could save companies more than $6,600 forach worker this year. if approved, the bill would cost $11 billion. by next year, taxpayers will be picking up the tab for more than all health-care. the public shelled out $2.5 trillion. that is up more than 5.5% from e previous year. toyota it is a technology problem with the breaks in the prius this morning. they say it fix the anti-lock brake system for the popular hybrids but it does not figured out how to tell the people who bought the car before then. regulators plan to investigate. boeing has opened the cabin to
6:22 am
its new dreamliner jet. they hope lots of changes add up to a big improvement. it features bigger windows that are dimmed electronic. the first dreamliner is expected to go into service late this year. no evidence of recession in the art world. this work by $104 million sold for -- this work by alberto giacometti sold for $104 million. it took eight minutes of bidding to raise the price that high. coming up on "good morning america," the look at technology which is paralyzed patients a chance to walk again. and that is your "money scope" report. up next, we will take a look at some of the ways health
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experts say you can cut your risk of cancer but up to 40%. >> later on "oprah," dr. oz wants to wipe out the silent killer, diabetes.
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40% of cancers can be prevented through lifestyle chances. people should stop smoking. you should limit your alcohol consumption, avoid too much sun, and maintained a healthy way. cancer is responsible for one out of every eight deaths worldwide. some patients in a vegetative state may be more conscious than doctors realized. brain scans evaluated 54 unresponsive patients. a few showed evidence of awareness. one patient who would been in a vegetative state was even able to answer yes or no questions. experts say more studies are needed. 6:26. >> coming up, the investigation into a double murder in dale city reaches halfway around the
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world. we will have the latest details. >> we have another big snow storm headed our way. i am alive at the salt dome in merrifield. crews are gearing up. residents are having a tough time preparing. i will tell you why. >> our storm already starting to impact the deep south. it will be approaching tomorrow. we have one good day in between. it will be approaching tomorrow. we have one good day in between.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back to "good morning washington. " it is 6:30 on this thursday. this is a live look at in merrifield. salt crews are out already working. we are under a snow emergency because of what we're anticipating in the weather department. we're glad you're joining us. am alison starling. >> and i am julie parker in for doug mcelway. we have some school closings and delays to report. this is from the remnants
6:31 am
from yesterday's snow. everody is focused on tomorrow. >> the winter storm watch will go in effect tomorrow morning. it will star from south to north around midday. it will be heavy at times through friday afternoon, from tonight, and through saturday. >> you used the word "crippling ." >> driving wind and it will be kind of a wet snow. people will be impacted whether you are driving or taking the train. heavy rain from georgia through the carolinas will make for a tricky travel if you were heading south. we are looking at a major impact storm. social -- locally, sunshine today. do your planning, get your supplies. you probably need to get your bread and toilet paper. >> that is a good plan. a good plan is to leave yourself
6:32 am
some extra time on the inner loop from springfield to get up to the dulles toll road. there is an accent that has been moved onto the shoulder. here is an accident after the dulles toll road. there is no shoulder to move this on to because of ongoing construction. it will be there for awhile. inner loop after the toll road. there is a problem near the toll plaza. we will check on that in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. our next round of snow is still a day away, but the commonwealth is under a state of emergency. >> people are getting ready for what could be a long and difficult weekend. pamela brown is live to show us how we are preparing for all this snow. >> a lot of people are experiencing snow fatigue.
6:33 am
we could see tomorrow a repeat of what we saw in december. it seems as though crews have not caught a break. they have been here at this salt dome in merrifield gearing up and getting ready to hit the roadways. there is sand loaded up on the trucks. there will be a lot of activity. hundreds of trucks will be treating the roads ahead of tomorrow morning. people are racing to the stores to get shovels and scrapers. with all of these snowstorms, hardware stores are overloaded with demand and many store shelves are empty. others are coming up empty. they will have to dip into other budgets such as a mowing budget to fill that snow removal demand. we are still early in the season so we could have belonged winter ahead of us. officials asked if you can, try to stay off the roads this begin
6:34 am
so that crews can do their jobs. everyone is preparing for this and trying to gear up. >> ok. a lot of prep needed. >> you contracted latest conditions any time by logging onto our website, the nationals in's most popular attraction is heading home. -- the national suzoo's most popular attraction is heading home. >> a huge and said farewell. a lot of action going on and work under way. we have crews here who are preparing for thai shatai shan' farewell. there will send him off to dulles airport for the long trip back to china. joining me is done more who is the head of animal behavior.
6:35 am
>> he will be a very fine with this trip. his keeper will be with him. it is different for him. he has never gone on a trip like this. >> have you been preparing him in anyway? >> we have known since he was born he would be leaving. we have been familiarizing him with small spaces. we have been familiarizing him to the crate. >> you have worked with him for four and half years, since he was a cub. what is this day like for you? >> it is bittersweet. we will miss him. he is going off to save the species. >> thank you very much, don maurer. thank you for talking with us about the imminent departure of tai shan. will be loading him up and sending him off to dulles airport -- the day will be
6:36 am
loading him up and sending him off to dulles airport. >> thank you. 6:35. congress is stepping up pressure on toyota. house hearings continue today. the company admits there were design problems with the brake system in the prius hybrid. 100 complaints on that. dealerships start their repairs today of those sticky gas pedals. an arlington woman is being held. natalia wilson is accused of killing her husband's ex-wife and son. there were found stabbed to death monday night in their home in dale city. wilson, was arrested tuesday night. residents were surprised to learn her arrest coincided with a double homicide. >> i am shocked.
6:37 am
its said. >> 83 mo victim, slavka naydenova, was the sister of a bulgarian billionaire who was murdered by the mafia in 2003. police say wilson is believed to be a russian citizen. the white house is fighting back against criticism of how it is handling the alleged christmas day bomber. republicans are brew umar faruk abdulmutallab should be treated like a terrorist. eric holder issued a statement saying he made it difficult to prosecute and that intelligence officials agreed to them. the man who helped to usher in the ban to allow gays to serve openly is now backing efforts to listed. he supports the plan. colin powell said circumstances and attitudes have changed since the policy was put in place 17 years ago. the pentagon is expected to
6:38 am
repeal the law despite opposition in congress. 6:37, 33 degrees. >> more conflicting stories from those american missionaries in haiti. we will have an update. >> lisa baden is coming back on this car fire at the crews are dealing with at the dulles toll road. crus are on thecene. lisa we will have the details when we come back. -- crews are on the scene. look at the latest list of school delays and closings on a thursday morning. you're watching "good morning washington."
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>> hello. i work with it arlington career center. we teach students about all different kinds of animal careers. >> good morning, washington. 6:41 on this thursday morning. welcome back. 38 degrees in falls church. if you wa to seek a cool snow sculpture, just popped in your car and head over to falls church. take a look. we're across the street from beech tree elementary school.
6:42 am
a local architect, walter crane, it makes these spectacular snow sculptures. you'd be surprised if it only takes about 3 inches of snow to put something like chris together. the harvest the snow from the neighbors. his wife tell me his neighbors thought he was been nice shoveling their sidewalks and driveways. he was harvesting the snow. i was talking about the snow chances. it looks like a good chance to see a foot or more than that. he will be busy making a new snow sculpture once the snow has fallen and it gets to the right consistency. it has to be above freezing. by monday or tuesday, he will start on a new project. snowshoe begin by tomorrow early afternoon lasting through saturday. temperatures will be dropping. you need temperatures above
6:43 am
freezing, we probably will not be there until monday to start sculpting. >> we are scoping and unattractive picture for you. inner loop accident near tysons. in the left lane. on the inner loop after the toll road, we have a crash blocking the left lane west of the toll road at the main toll plaza. traffic is forced to stay to the left because of a car fire. you are in a backup leaving the beltway. i want to take you live in maryland heading toward the american legion bridge. just stay with us. they are turning this camera around and checking both sides of the beltway. callers are reporting a vehicle has rolled over in this area some more on the beltway between river road and the american legion bridge. we do not see it in the camera per it looks like police are
6:44 am
searching the beltway. newschopper 7 will be there in just a minute. now back to alison and julie. >> thank you. 6:44. a lot of schools are getting a late start. look at the latest list. we are coming right back.
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join us tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. your time now is 6:47 on a thursday morning. another blow for toyota after nearly 200 complaints. they admit their word design problems with the break in prius models that were sold before late january. house hearings will continue today. >> tai shan iseaving washington for good. he will fly to china to become part of a panda breeding program. he will leave the national zoo to leave to dulles airport. the zoo is open in late today. >> 10 americans in haiti can be
6:48 am
charged -- can find out if they can take a busload of kids out of the country. the group claims the children are orphans. perrin said they willingly handed over the children in hopes of giving them a better life. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's head to the busiest man in the building, brian van de graaff. >> let's show you outside. it is gorgeous. we do have a clear skies. temperatures near the freezing mark. it to be a pretty good-looking day for all your preparations. let's look outside. we will show you what looks like. we do have moisture down to the self. it is pulling in a lot of moisture through alabama and georgia. it will continue to move northward. notice the areas shaded in below that indicate a winter storm watch.
6:49 am
it will be working its way through the deep south today. it will be in central virginia by midday tomorrow and we will see sthat precipitation develop. travel will not be severely impacted early on. but as the afternoon wears on, it could get a bit tricky. as we go through friday night into early saturday morning, heavier bands of snow are possible. this low pressure swirling off the coast will pull in the colder air. this is from the metro area up to baltimore, philadelphia, and up to the southern part of new england. as much as the december 19 storm. our best thinking is just over a foot of snow. some models indicate it could be some places upwards of two feet.
6:50 am
that is not out of the question. low 40's today. good-booking date. it all of your supplies for tomorrow. cloudy and colder with snow by tomorrow. >> not pretty from 66 to get up to the american legion bridge. a crash after the dulles toll road. there's no shoulder there. a car fire under control west of the toll road. traffic heading toward dulles airport in a backup with this accident -- car fire under control at the toll plaza. accident in maryland after the exit for river road but before river road traffic will merge back on to the beltway. here we are from newschopper 7. you can see the vehicle on the side. one lane to the right gets by.
6:51 am
this is what to expect on the way to the american legion bridge. back inside. >> thank you. 6:51. we will go to a quick break. 6:51. we will go to a quick break. so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most importanmeal of the day.
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welcome back. 6:54. >> mike allen joins us with the latest on some republican spending for 2012. >> can you believe it? we dug into some reports and found several republicans are ising millions of dollars looking ahead to 20 12. mr. bromley is spending money in new hampshire and giving money -- mitt romney is spending money in new hampshire. sah palin is trying to get more foreign policy heft. goveor pawlenty. but the person who was raised more than anyone, newt gingrich. >> that is so interesting. what you're finding is some of this -- in all flies on to the
6:55 am
radar screen. this is not blatant money. >> that is a great point. the candidates will tell you they are out tre to help the party or to build the party. then you look that they are buying mailing lists, raising money so that they can run on their own time. republicans are feeling better all the time and that they will be able to give president obama a run for his money. blogger of virginia, there will be some fights. >> interesting. -- battleground virginia. the parties had such a following and some coverage. maybe losing steam? >> i think that is right. that is a big surprise. the republican was elected. he just went and this was a pro- trust republican. republicans want to win.
6:56 am
all politics is local. we saw at the convention in honolulu the decided not to have a purity test. >> interesting. >> the parties may be paper tigers. >> we will see. good to see you. a quick last look at traffic and the weather. >> big problems on the beltway. >> a car wreck world over several times. we take you live to the outer loop after the exit for river road. delays backed up to 270 to get to the american legion bridge. >> it is the calm before the storm. we have a winter storm watch to go into effect tomorrow morning. snow begins on friday. it could be a foot or more. >> thank you for watching. have a great day. >> see you later. have a great day. >> see you later.
6:57 am
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